The Council of Entrepreneurs was formed in 2015.

At the first meeting, four entrepreneurs came together for the inaugural meeting of what was originally called the Founder's Alliance.

Since then, COE has grown to over 100 members and 11 Councils that meet monthly.

The purpose of COE remains the same as when it began:

To create an authentic community where entrepreneurs can share their struggles, victories, and everything in between.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs combat the loneliness and isolation that come with the job, as well as gain perspective and inspiration from other business owners. We believe that when you gather with people going through similar situations and challenges, community happens. No one understands the struggles of entrepreneurship like other entrepreneurs.

Authentic community
for entrepreneurs,
by entrepreneurs.

Get the community you need to embrace your potential.

At COE, you gain access to connections and resources that are invaluable to your business and your personal wellbeing. Instead of wondering who to go to for business advice or guidance, you have a group of owners in your back pocket who have been there and want to help you succeed.

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Our Values

Mindset Over Metrics

At COE, we value attitude and character over accomplishments or accolades. Members are measured based on the way they challenge others rather than arbitrary metrics, such as number of employees or the revenue of their business.

No B.S.

Be real with yourself and with others. You don’t need to be someone you’re not. Call each other out if needed but expect others to do the same.

Keep It Confidential

If someone has trusted you with information, keep it private. COE cannot operate without trust that what is shared stays within the group.

Find Your Pace

Business and people grow at different speeds. We respect the pace someone has chosen, but remain present to offer a challenge if we see stagnation.

Be a Cheerleader

We celebrate the successes of others. Provide support and acknowledge their hard work. Be their biggest champion and let their success inspire your own.

Be Curious

We aim to create opportunities for our members to hear from people who are different from them. Have an open mind, seek to learn, and find ways to expand your understanding.

Bryan Clifton, Founder,
Council of Entrepreneurs

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A Note from the Founder

I started COE because I was lonely. As a serial entrepreneur, I found myself in desperate need of other business owners who understood the challenges I was facing.. After getting a small group of founders together, I discovered that entrepreneurs tend to know a few other entrepreneurs they can bounce ideas off of, but the list gets exhausted quickly.

I saw a common need and COE was born. Since then, COE has grown into a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who collectively want to see each other succeed in life and business. I’m proud of what COE has grown into and am honored to be a lifeline for entrepreneurs. I started COE because I needed it. It turns out about 100 other entrepreneurs felt they needed it too.