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Authentic community
and tactical resources
for key leaders

Working closely with an entrepreneur has its own specific set of challenges. Ops is designed to help these critical leaders thrive in that role.

Who is it for?

Ops is for the person who...

  • Is in charge when the boss is on vacation
  • Has one title but three jobs in the company
  • Is essential to helping the company function

Typically these roles have titles such as Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Operations Coordinator, etc.

Sound familiar? Ops is for you.

Ops is really therapeutic as a leader. I have connected with people, learned from others' experiences, received help from others, and I love the topics.

- 2023 Ops Participant

How to Get Started

It starts with:


The Intensive is a 3-day course that will cover the most important topics pertaining to operational roles. Each day will consist of a morning session, lunch, an afternoon session, and group exercises.

We will use two assessments, the FIRO-B and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, to aid in our discussions.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Being a Linchpin
  • Effective Conflict
  • Leading Change
  • Bringing Structure to Chaos
  • The Big Shift

All sessions are held at The Lume from 8:30am - 4:30pm. The cost for the Intensive is $1,500. If you are a COE or Dayclub member, you will receive 10% off.

Here are the dates for the next Intensive:

  • September 10th
  • October 8th
  • November 14th

If you complete the Intensive, you will:

  • Build a network with other key leaders
  • Better understand how to work with entrepreneurs, owners, your supervisor, and your team
  • Learn ways to optimize communication and grow in your role
  • Learn how to better manage yourself and others
  • Become an even more valuable employee/partner/collaborator

Want to keep going?



When you’ve completed the Intensive, Council meetings are held once a month as ongoing support for participants. These groups will be a mixture of previous Intensive participants and create more opportunities to meet other operations professionals.

These monthly meetings are 90 minutes long and include a shorter discussion, but mostly create space for participants to present challenges they’re experiencing to the group and receive feedback. We facilitate these in 15 minute increments called Speaker Spotlights.

The Council is free and available to all Intensive participants upon completion, for as long as they find it beneficial. You must complete the Intensive to participate in a Council.